Code beautifier for Visual Studio

Visual_Studio_2012_logo_and_wordmarkCode beautifier it’s a standalone Visual Studio plugin for various external code-format application.

At the moment the software provides these functionalities:

  • Support for external application using files as input,
  • support for external application using standard I/O as input,
  • format current document,
  • format all opened documents,
  • format all files in selected project,
  • format entire solution,
  • in-place formatting,
  • automatically format document on save, save all, build/rebuild – project/solution,
  • format files from outside project,
  • global exclude files ( as regex ),
  • searching for exclude files define in ‘.cbignore’
  • each application can be set for different file extension
  • application log ( can be found in Output window: Show output from )


Also available in Visual Studio Gallery

Example configuration:  Example configuration

Visual Studio version support:

  • 2005: vis package
  • 2008 – 2012: vis package
  • 2013 and higher: visx package